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Gamher - Geomatics data Acquisition and Management for landscape and built Heritage in an European Perspective

36 mesi (2017 - 2020)
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Ricerca Nazionale - PRIN
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PRIN 2015


The project GAMHer aims at exploding and validating Geomatics algorithms, methodologies and procedures in the framework of new European regulations, which are going to require a more extensive and productive use of digital information, as requested by the Digital Agenda for Europe as one of the seven pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy. This has a strong connection with the Geomatics world, that has been always considered a multi-purpose discipline for a variety of applications requiring reliable and accurate digital metric information used by different specialists for scientific/industrial research and productive work. To this aim GAMHer will focus on the need of a certified accuracy for surveying and monitoring projects with photogrammetry and laser scanning technologies, when used in a multi-scale and multi-level of detail approach for landscape and built heritage documentation, conservation, and management. Indeed, the basic need of a certified metric accuracy is sometimes neglected for the availability of the new strategies for data collection and processing, that have surely improved the 3D reconstruction pipeline in terms of time and manual efforts required.

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