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ASTIB - Development of Advanced Systems Technologies and hardware/software for the flight simulator and Iron Bird ground demonstrators for regional aircraft

73 mesi (2015 - 2021)
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Ricerca UE - JTI - Clean Sky
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The program is specifically focused on contributing to generate technological advancements to be implemented in a future Green Regional Aircraft (GRA). In particular, ASTIB will develop: ? Electromechanical actuators (EMAs) with their associated electronic control units (ECUs); ? Electrically actuated main and nose landing gears; ? Reliable prognostics and health management functions for the EMAs; ? An advanced multi-functional integration, verification and validation test rig ("Iron Bird") provided of intelligent innovative control, allowing testing of new flight control system architectures aimed at wing load alleviation/load control, virtual flight execution, real-time loading and faults injection, thereby allowing a comprehensive technological assessment the flight control system and of its electromechanical flight control actuators, aircraft electrical equipment and electrically actuated nose and main landing gears.

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Costo totale progetto: € 10.534.000,00
Contributo totale progetto: € 7.813.000,00
Costo totale PoliTo: € 1.015.271,00
Contributo PoliTo: € 1.015.271,00