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6 mesi (2014)
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The CLIPS project aims at introducing a new approach to deliver innovative public services, through the cloud-computing approach involving the community in the process (PPPP public-private-people-partnership). The main idea of CLIPS is to provide to the community a methodology and a toolkit which allow civil servants and other external stakeholders (both citizens and businesses) to co-operate in the conceiving and the development of new cloud-based services, starting from a set of basic micro-services already available in the "cloud". The cloud ecosystem of services envisaged by the project, starting with a set of basic micro-services, will increase its portfolio due both to the availability of newly aggregated innovative services (coming from the basic ones) and to migration of current public services into the cloud, following the EU spirit "build, connect & grow".The CLIPS objective is to set up and to deploy a platform on which to run the virtual environment, where to build the cloud solutions addressing the particular cases during the piloting phase of the project. This will be done in such a way that other administrations can benefit by the results of the identified solution, looking at the cross domains, cross processes and cross borders approach. All the cloud-based services will be designed in order to assure interoperability and reusability among systems and will be "open" to be available to a wider range of potential providers of aggregated services. As a desired side effect, this should lead to a healthy service market in which public sector can fairly and transparently choose the best providers to meet their communities' needs or can even make different possible alternatives available to people, who can have a free access to all information and data they need to make a considered choice

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