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GENIUS - Glide-symmetric mEtamaterials for iNnovative radIo-frequency CommUnication and Sensing

48 mesi (2027)
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Ricerca UE - HE - Excellent Science - MSCA
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GENIUS (Glide-symmetric mEtamaterials for iNnovative radIo-frequency CommUnication and Sensing) is an Industrial Doctoral Programme led by top European actors of research and innovation in the field of radio-frequency (RF) systems with applications to aerospace communications and automotive sensing proposing novel scientific tools provided by glide-symmetric (GS) artificial materials (or metamaterials). GENIUS aims at training highly skilled and creative researchers capable to propose out-of-the-box solutions to industrial needs by means of their knowledge of physical properties of complex EM systems. The design of devices will be enabled by the development of suitable modelling methods (circuit- and integral-equation-based, quasi-optical) shedding light on GS materials properties and providing fast and reliable data on their behavior. The inter-sectoral character of the training reflects its inter-disciplinarity content: researchers will benefit of academic expertise in GS metamaterials, of the industrial knowledge of applicative needs and of fabrication and test facilities not commonly found at individual institutions.

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PE7_6 - Communication technology, high-frequency technology


Costo totale progetto: € 1.525.928,40
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Contributo PoliTo: € 259.437,60

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