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RRI-ICT Forum-Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT

26 mesi (2015 - 2017)
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Ricerca UE - H2020 - Industrial Leadership – LEIT - ICT
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The RRI-ICT Forum proposal aims at monitoring, analyzing, supporting and promoting SSH contribution to, and RRI approach in ICT research and innovation under H2020. The consortium approach is to constitute a team curating the RRI-ICT domain in H2020 without prejudice (not aiming at imposing its own views or agenda, but at facilitating community views and agenda), and empowering other projects and the European Commission (as an active interface between projects and DG Connect). The project intends to reach the highest impact, within its 3-year project period and beyond, through the following activities: Development of a concertation mechanism involving the ICT 31 RIAs, Active interaction with other RRI / SSH project: ICT-related projects developing under the LEIT ICT WP or other pillars of H2020, non ICT-related RRI H2020 projects, RRI-ICT projects outside H2020, Development of an open online community platform devoted to RRI in ICT, Organization of Annual RRI-ICT Forums, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary events open to research organizations and any stakeholders interested in the RRI-ICT topic, Preparation of Annual RRI-ICT reports synthetizing the information collected through all project activities, analyzing the emergence of RRI in ICT, highlighting success stories, identifying best practices, deriving policy recommendations, etc., Development of a RRI-ICT Forum website and of related social networks, including specific content targeting the public at large, Contribution to conferences and publications, Implementation of measures ensuring the sustainability of project activities, namely of the community platform, the website and the annual forums, beyond the project period. The RRI-ICT Forum consortium is composed of a multi-disciplinary group of complementary organizations, with proven expertise and strong references in the ICT, SSH and RRI domains, and a longstanding experience in developing the types of activities planned in the project.

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