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ASSISTANTS - Assessing Software Security, prIvacy, and SusTAiNability through Testing techniqueS

24 mesi (2025)
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PNRR – Missione 4
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The Smart Home requires placing devices that run software in contexts where software has not historically been present. When sold in large quantities, these devices and the software included in them can be unsustainable when, for example, they need to use the cloud to perform complex actions. They can also expose users to cyber threats in the event of security holes in the running software. Furthermore, the user data could be disclosed or misused by service providers. For this reason, data should be treated according to European Law (GDPR). The ASSISTANTS project aims to provide innovative development and configuration tools to increase the sustainability, security and privacy management of software running within the Smart Home to enable the creation and deployment of more sustainable and secure devices for end users. The tools will provide the Smart Home software with a Sustainability Label after assessing the source code released by the developer. The result will be achieved by exploiting static and dynamic analysis techniques which can run on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platforms and by studying the most suitable programming language which can ease security and sustainability through its adoption. It will also be possible for the user to manage their data according to the EU law (GDPR). This result will be achieved by a web platform allowing the user to configure the personal data treated by the smart home, leading to a complete reconfiguration of the devices installed in their smart home. This action will prevent the IoT device from gathering detailed data that the user does not want to share with the service provider. It will also be possible for the users to exercise their rights through the web platform that puts users in contact with data controllers. Such an aggregation will allow all data controllers managing the users' data to be in one place. This way, users can exercise their rights more straightforwardly and granularly. A pilot, which builds upon the SIFIS-Home framework introduced by an ongoing H2020 project (SIFIS-Home GA #952652), will empirically validate these new techniques using audio/video devices such as smart speakers and video cameras. It will also provide insights into the implications of these technologies on the end user.

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PE6_3 - Software engineering, operating systems, computer languages
PE6_5 - Cryptology, security, privacy, quantum crypto
PE6_6 - Algorithms, distributed, parallel and network algorithms, algorithmic game theory

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Obiettivo 11. Rendere le città e gli insediamenti umani inclusivi, sicuri, duraturi e sostenibili|Obiettivo 15. Proteggere, ripristinare e favorire un uso sostenibile dell’ecosistema terrestre


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