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ASTRO - Advanced Space Tethers for Remote-sensing Operations

14 mesi (2023 - 2025)
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PNRR – Missione 4
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Tethered Satellite Systems, or TSS, are artificial satellites linked together by a cable or wire (tether). These systems have so far been studied and tested for orbital flight in formation, in radial configuration stabilized by gravity gradient. In contrast, the technology proposed here uses a new technique for stabilizing the system, in a configuration with the tether oriented along the normal to the orbital plane. This configuration, which is particularly useful for remote sensing, is maintained by external active control forces (e.g., aerodynamic) on the satellites at the ends of the tether. These stabilization techniques will enable never-before achieved mission scenarios of great interest for remote sensing, providing superior performance to current ones and lowering cost and complexity compared to the 'formation flight' alternative of independent non-tethered satellites. The goal of this PoC is to validate and further develop these stabilization techniques, protected by a patent developed by members of the proposing team, by increasing the TRL from 4 to 6. To do this, numerical simulations will be used and an experimental testbed will be designed and developed, on which control strategies will be tested by simulating space-like conditions. The experiment will include the use of instrumentation that has already been tested and validated in other proof-of-concepts of space systems, adapting it to the problem at hand, so as to ensure a reliable and versatile testbed for testing wired systems. In parallel, a code dedicated to the simulation of different configurations of wire space systems will be developed, so as to define and optimize the system architecture. The different geometries and configurations developed will then be tested extensively with Hardware in the Loop experiments involving the experimental testbed.

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PE8_1 - Aerospace engineering

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Obiettivo 15. Proteggere, ripristinare e favorire un uso sostenibile dell’ecosistema terrestre


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