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ELECTROLIFE: Enhance knowLedge on comprEhensive eleCtrolysers Technologies degRadation thrOugh modeLing, testIng and liFetime prEvision, toward industrial implementation

60 mesi (2028)
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Ricerca UE - JTI - Clean Hydrogen
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ELECTROLIFE project aims to be a bridge to accelerate the use of hydrogen technologies with the target of decarbonizing European and global industry. Currently, electrolysis technologies suffer limitations in terms of cost, efficiency, stability, and scalability. Particularly the increase of current density/energy efficiency, use of earth-abundant materials and increase of useful life for electrolyser through campaigns to detect degradation mechanisms at multi-scale, modelling the mechanisms to better understand their physics, testing and use of the experimental-modeling understanding to re-design and optimizeing components, will be in focus of ElectrolifeELECTROLIFE. This focus would increase the efficiency of the electrolyser system as a whole, its operating life, power density andto reduce stack size, with the aim of reducing costs to make electrolysis technology more competitive than steam reformingthe most a highly competitive H2 generation technology among the different production pathways. We believe that innovation in electrolyser technologies such as AEL, PEM, SOEC, AEM and PCEC will be critical to ensure that these technologies play their it role in the transition to a net zero carbon energy system, regardless of the current degree of maturity. We believe that each individual technology needs to be taken to the top of their limits, opening up the possibility for different applications. It is known that each individual technology may be more suitable for specific each individual end-use scenarioapplication, but our vision is to bring take each one of the 5 the technologies to the next step by making them available for each individual application and not to distinguish from the beginning which one to take further. In particularAs a final target of the research, ELECTROLIFE Electrolife aims to reduce the cost of hydrogen, extendted lifetime of each individual technology and increase the energy efficiency.

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PE8_9 - Production technology, process engineering
PE7_3 - Simulation engineering and modelling
PE4_12 - Chemical reactions: mechanisms, dynamics, kinetics and catalytic reactions

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Obiettivo 7. Assicurare a tutti l’accesso a sistemi di energia economici, affidabili, sostenibili e moderni|Obiettivo 12. Garantire modelli sostenibili di produzione e di consumo


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