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ZeTON - Zero-Touch end-to-end Optical Networks (ZeTON)

24 mesi (2023 - 2025)
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Ricerca Nazionale - PRIN
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MINISTERO (Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca)
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The upcoming massive deployment of NextGen/IoT devices together with the definition of new services are expected to impact the broadband connectivity portfolio, with the 39.1% of connections faster than 100 Mb/s and the double of devices connected by 2023. The increase of connected devices and traffic is expected to push optical network capacity beyond its current limit. The ZeTON project targets the design and Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration of a novel end-to-end integrated optical transport architecture based on optical transmission and switching. Novel data-plane devices, deployed together with disaggregated optical transmission system, are envisaged to achieve agility and to support for massive traffic loads. At the basis of this new paradigm, novel optical white box architectures, using pluggable optics, are conceived. We strongly believe that the proposed solutions represent the next technological evolution to deal with the traffic demand and service requirements of NextGen mobile networking in a cost-effective manner. ZeTON will focus on multidomain scenarios, following the optical-continuum paradigm, by fosting the removal of fix boundaries between network segments. Thus, the control plane functionalities will be extended to support novel data-plane nodes and the new “domain-less” network architecture. ZeTON will explore the coordination of the data-plane elements, extending the concepts of SDN service orchestration and provisioning. The control plane will be devised in the context of the Zero-Touch Networking (ZTN), relying on physical layer abstraction, impairment modelling and a telemetry-based monitoring system, enabling the intent-based autonomous networking and the application of Machine Learning (ML)-driven network operation for network self-diagnosis. ZeTON research activities and objectives will be disseminated in international journals and conferences in the form of peer-reviewed papers and PoC tesbed deployments, highlighting the benefits of the proposed solution from both the infrastructure and end user perspective. The experimental validation will be performed based on the partners expertise, integrating and extending tools/frameworks developed and maintained by the partners, and lab environment already in place in the involved research units. The involved software components will be released open-source and maintained on a public ZeTON git repository. ZeTON will have a clear impact on the society, following the evolution of NextGen devices and novel network services with increased bandwidth, and connectivity needs (e.g., extremely low latency, high reliability and low power consumption). Finally, the ZeTON consortium includes 5 major and well-reputed academia (SSSA, PoliMi, PoliTo, UniBo, UniRoma1), combining several years of experience on the topics and technologies related with the project (Optical Networks, Software Optical Defined Networking, ML, QoT/QoE), thus guaranteeing project success.

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  • Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento Sant'Anna - Coordinatore

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PE7_8 - Networks (communication networks, sensor networks, networks of robots, etc.)

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Obiettivo 9. Costruire un'infrastruttura resiliente e promuovere l'innovazione ed una industrializzazione equa, responsabile e sostenibile


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