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36 mesi (2008 - 2011)
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Ricerca UE - VII PQ - COOPERATION - Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Product
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It is recognised that more than 90% of failures in engineering components are surface related. Thus, a large variety of different multilayered surface systems (MSSs) with thickness ranging from nanometer to millimetre scales have been developed. However, the design of multilayered surfaces is normally based on experience and no currently available surface modelling technique can deal with MSSs. The aim of this programme is to address an urgent scientific, technological and market need for consistently reliable high performance MSSs, by developing generic, robust multiscale materials and process modelling techniques for the design, optimisation and performance prediction of MSSs. The S&T objectives are: (1) to develop molecular dynamics techniques to model atom deposition processes and the atomic structure and interfaces to achieve optimal coating microstructures; (2) to develop multiscale modelling and corresponding experimental techniques to determine nano and crystal behaviour of each layer of a surface coating and the macro behaviour of MSSs; (3) to develop an integrated multiscale modelling approach to link molecular dynamics (nano), crystal plasticity (micro) and continuum mechanics (macro) modelling activities for the applications; (4) to develop modelling techniques and software systems for design, processes and applications of multiscale MSS and (5) to develop modelling-based design methodology for optimised MSSs for high performance components aiming for improved lifetimes and reduced market lead time by 60%. The consortium consisting of 5 SMEs, 4 universities and 2 research organisations from 5 EU member states and 1 third country incorporates all the necessary elements for the research. Potential impact includes: economic impact - enhance the competitiveness of European coating specialists and manufacturers; eco-impact - reduced consumption of energy and materials and S&T impact - strengthen S&T excellence in modelling & surface engineering

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