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36 mesi (2023)
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Ricerca UE - H2020 - Spreading excellence and widening participation
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SYNERGY addresses the call TWINN-2018 (H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-2020), aiming to strengthen the scientific and technical competences at the Portuguese institutions in the field of energy harvesting and micropower management as a key component towards self-sustainable smart platforms on flexible substrates. Therefore, proper training and expertise transfer in the field of energy harvesting and management is mandatory to complement and consolidate past activities at the widening institutions on low temperature, flexible and paper electronics. Driven by the quest for excellence, thePortuguese University and Research Institutions are so proposing to be linked with outstanding European institutions in the field of printed electronics, solar cells and batteries on foils (VTT); battery and supercapacitors developers (POLITO); energy integration and power management (Tyndall); and materials, devices and systems analysis, validation and modelling (FhG-IKTS). These institutions, with such valuable profiles will allow to complete the value chain for the scientific strategy of the Portuguese widening institutions. This will stimulate scientific excellence and innovation capacity that will boost the development of new smart self-powered smart platforms fully aligned with Portuguese national and regional research and innovation strategies, as it is the case of the recently established collaborative laboratory AlmaScience related to Paper Electronics. Moreover, the projects impact towards society and stakeholders, will be conducted by SPI, which has a strong experience in this area, supported by the European Academy of Science, an excellent vehicle to bring academics together around the relevance of energy as crosscutting element for the strategy of the future of our society.

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  • Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias - UNINOVA - Coordinatore


Costo totale progetto: € 897.000,00
Contributo totale progetto: € 897.000,00
Costo totale PoliTo: € 100.000,00
Contributo PoliTo: € 100.000,00