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HY-MAN - Sustainable integration of HYbrid additive/subtractive MANufacturing for difficult-to-cut materlals

18 mesi (2019)
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Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes for metal parts are promising candidates to work alongside traditional processes. For large components as molds or airplanes structures, made of materials classified as difficult to manufacture with conventionally applied industrial processes (as forging or machining), AM could be counted among the disruptive technologies. The surface finishing and dimensional/geometrical part tolerancing that can be achieved via AM processes might not be adequate to satisfy the imposed product specifications, and finish machining operations are required. The goal of the project is the sustainable development and manufacturing of difficult-tocut materials (steels and titanium alloys) obtained using AM technologies characterized by high deposition rates (i.e., LMWD and LAMWD) and followed by finishing machining operations. It is expected to obtain an AM head device prototype able to prepare medium/big components for dies and aerospace applications with reliable conditions (TRL7), ready to enter the market by 12 months after the end of the Project.

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