Marco Martino Rosso

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Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche "G. L. Lagrange" (DISMA)

Dottorando in Ingegneria Civile E Ambientale , 36o cycle (2020-2023)
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Strutturale, Edile e Geotecnica (DISEG)


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  • Download icon Dear Drs. Aloisio, Rosso, Fragiacom and Alaggio, As the Publisher of the journal Structures, and on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief, it is my great pleasure to let you know that the article below has been selected as the Editor-in-Chief’s Featured Article for the March 2023 issue of the journal Structures: Fragility estimate of railway bridges due to concrete fatigue by Angelo Aloisio, Marco Martino Rosso, Massimo Fragiacom, Rocco Alaggio, Structures, Volume 48, March 2023, Pages 70-87 Congratulations to you and your co-authors! Within a few days, your article will be free for users to read, download, and share online via ScienceDirect at the following link for 6 months An email announcement to our authors and reviewers will also be sent out in the next few months, and your article will be prominently displayed on the Journal’s homepage A certificate is also attached for your records. Congratulations! Kind Regards, Natalia Lee Senior Publisher ELSEVIER | Global STM Journals (2023)



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  • Statistica. A.A. 2021/22, INGEGNERIA GESTIONALE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Statistica. A.A. 2021/22, INGEGNERIA CIVILE. Collaboratore del corso
  • Statistica. A.A. 2022/23, INGEGNERIA CIVILE. Collaboratore del corso
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