Guglielmo Ricciardi

Dottorando in Architettura. Storia E Progetto , 36o ciclo (2020-2023)
Dipartimento di Architettura e Design (DAD)


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The Green and Blue Nexus. Developing an integrated approach for managing climate change and using digital twinning in urban design.

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Integrated framework for urban design and climate change in Urban Digital Twin


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Urban Design
Design Process
Built Environment
Urban management


GUGLIELMO RICCIARDI is a PhD student at the Department of Architecture and Design with a scholarship that focus on climate change and sustainability issues for contemporary cities (XXXVI cycle). He concluded a European Master in Planning and Policies for City, Environment and Landscape in April 2015 at University of Sassari and University of Lisbon. From 2016 he worked as a junior project manager for ISIRES S.r.l. to manage research and development projects in private field in particular for energy, environment and pharmacological sector. With ISIRES S.r.l., he was a scientific research consultant within the ALCOTRA Artaclim Interreg Project, aimed at developing vulnerability assessments on climate change impacts within thematic areas related to urban settlements, infrastructure systems and tourism (summer and winter) in a subregional area of Piedmont (Italy). From 2017 he has collaborated with Società Meteorologica Italiana producing climate maps based on GIS software for scientific exhibition and studies aimed to investigate the impacts of climate change on different fields (mountain and agricultural systems). He has carried out internship and consulting activities in several municipalities including Volpiano, Turin, Lisbon, Grugliasco, Boves and Bioglio in the field of urban and environmental planning. His current research activities are related to the study and applications of vulnerability and risk assessment of climate change impacts in the local environment and for infrastructure and to the integration of mitigation and adaptation approaches in the project urban with the support of digital tools (BIM-GIS).



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