Fabio Peinetti

Dottorando in Ingegneria Elettrica, Elettronica E Delle Comunicazioni , 39o ciclo (2023-2026)
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni (DET)


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Sensors and tunable devices based on graphene deposition at microwave frequencies


Interessi di ricerca

Antennas, electromagnetic devices, propagation and radars
Micro- and nanotechnologies, devices, systems and applications
Radio frequency and microwave electronics


Fabio Peinetti received the Bachelors degree (2018) and the Masters degree with analog and power electronics path (2021) in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. His education at Politecnico gave him the design and analysis knowledge of analog and power electronics, with a focus on circuit analysis, electromagnetism applied to antennas and RF circuits, as well as those relating to devices’ physics.
His master thesis entitled “Analysis and Design of Compound Semiconductor Stacked Power Amplifiers”, concerned an RF power amplifier, in GaN and GaAs, for 5G applications.
After the Masters Degree, he worked for a year (from September 2022 to November 2023) as Developement Engineer at Vishay Intertechnology, dealing with power electronics devices such as diodes, MOSFET and IGBT and their applications.
In October 2022 he received an yearly scholarship from Politecnico di Torino entitled "Carbon based deposition for sensors or oscillators at microwave frequencies". Since then he has been working on the modelling of graphene depositions at microwave frequencies. He investigated a possible electric model in a given frequency range.
In November 2023 he became a Ph.D. student in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET) of Politecnico di Torino (39th cycle).
His PhD research is focused on the investigation of graphene sensors and tunable devices working at microwave frequencies.


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