Federico Ravera

Dottorando in Ingegneria Elettrica, Elettronica E Delle Comunicazioni , 38o ciclo (2022-2025)
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni (DET)

Docente esterno e/o collaboratore didattico
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni (DET)


Dottorato di ricerca

Argomento di ricerca

Molecular Field Coupled Nanocomputing, with focus on fabrication and prototyping


Interessi di ricerca

Micro- and nanotechnologies, devices, systems and applications


I attended both Bachelor's and Master's degree at Politecnico. In particular, I followed the "Electronic Micro and Nano systems" path given my personal interesting to micro and nano scale technology development. My master studies ended in July 2022 with the thesis titles "Design of Neural Network based on molecular Field-Coupled Nanocomputing", in which I analysed the possibilty of implementing neural networks based on the molecular Field-Coupled Nanocomputing paradigm.
Then, I started my Ph.D. studies in November 2022. The main objective of my research is molecular Field Coupled Nanocomputing. In particular, my focus is to explore fabrication possibilities for this technology, together with the proposal of prototyping solutions.



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