Glenda Taddia

Professore Associato (L.240)
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Ambiente, del Territorio e delle Infrastrutture (DIATI)


Interessi di ricerca

Applied geology
Geotechnical engineering and engineering geology
Geothermal energy
Quaternary formations
Remote sensing


Glenda Taddia: Assistant Professor of Engineering geology, in the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering at Politecnico di Torino; she obtained the Italian National Scientific Abilitations in academic recruitment Field (“Settore Concorsuale”): 04/A3 - Applied geology, physical geography and geomorphology - Level: II - Associate Professor. Graduated in Geological Sciences in 2008 she helds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2015. The main topics are hydrogeology, management and planning of groundwater resources, low-enthalpy geothermal systems in urban areas. Other scientific interests regard the applied geology, engineering geologic mapping through innovative techniques of digital photo-interpretation and remote sensing, the study of the deep-seated gravitational slope deformations (DSGSDs).

Visiting Scholar at NCGRT - National Center for Groundwater Research and Training and Flinders University (Adelaide - South Australia).

Visiting Professor at NCGRT - National Center for Groundwater Research and Training and Flinders University (Adelaide - South Australia) with course Geologic Processes (20h).

She is one of the author of the following patent: TIme Series ANAlysis for GWHP (TISANA 4 GWHP), application number: 102017000055984, submitted on 23-05-2017. The patent refers to devices and software tools aimed to the assessment of the real advective velocity of the thermal plume induced by the groundwater re-injection operated by an open-loop low-enthalpy geothermal heat pump plant.

She is a Co-Responsible of Monitoring Geothermal Heat Pumps plants of Politecnico di Torino (Central Site Duca: CF1, CF2, CF3; Valentino Castle: CFCastle; Energy Center: CFEnergy).

Glenda Taddia is currently effective member of the Environment and Land Engineering Board: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, MoS’s in Environmental Engineering and Petroleum Engineering; Territorial Urban Environmental and Landscape Planning and Energy and Nuclear Engineering. She is currently teaching the courses "Petroleum and mining geology", “Environmental Technical Geology”, “Civil Protection” and "Geothermal Energy" at Politecnico di Torino.

Faculty member of the PhD Program Urban and Regional Development.

Settore scientifico discliplinare

(Area 0004 - Scienze della terra)

Linee di ricerca

  • Row Materials and mining sustainability
  • Applied Geology
  • Engineering geologic mapping through innovative techniques of digital photo-interpretation and remote sensing
  • Hydrogeology, protection and planning of groundwater resources, flow dynamics through the unsaturated zone
  • Low-enthalpy geothermal systems
  • Study of the deep-seated gravitational slope deformations (DSGSDs)
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Settori ERC

PE8_6 - Energy processes engineering
PE10_5 - Geology, tectonics, volcanology
PE10_17 - Hydrology, water and soil pollution


Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
Goal 13: Climate action
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Partecipazioni scientifiche

  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - IAEG, Regno Unito (2018-)
    International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - AIQUA, Italia (2018-)
    Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario (AIQUA)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - GEAM, Italia (2017-)
    Associazione Georisorse e Ambiente (GEAM)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - IAH, Regno Unito (2012-)
    International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - AIGA, Italia (2012-)
    Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata e Ambientale (AIGA)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - SGI, Italia (2010-)
    Società Geologica Italiana (SGI)
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Comitati editoriali

  • INFRASTRUCTURES (2021-), Membro del Comitato Editoriale
  • NATURE (2014-), Membro del Comitato Editoriale


  • Geosciences and Information Technologies GIT (12/6/2017-14/6/2017), Session Chair
  • Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana (7/9/2016-9/9/2016), Session Chair
  • Convegno dei giovani ricercatori di geologia applicata - AIGA (18/2/2016-19/2/2016), Session Chair

Altri incarichi di ricerca o didattica esterni

  • Visiting Professor, presso Flinders University (24/7/2019-31/7/2019)
  • Visiting Researcher, presso Flinders University (13/7/2018-26/7/2018)

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Collegi di Dottorato

  • URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 2021/2022 (38. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 2020/2021 (37. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 2019/2020 (36. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 2018/2019 (35. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO

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  • RESERVAQUA, (2022-2023) - Responsabile Scientifico
    Ricerca UE - Cooperazione Territoriale Europea

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