Alessandro Salmi

Professore Associato (L.240)
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale e della Produzione (DIGEP)

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Additive manufacturing


SALMI Alessandro is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP) of the Politecnico di Torino since 2018. MSc Mechanical Engineering (110/110 cum laude) in 2004 and PhD in Industrial Production System Engineering in 2008 at Politecnico di Torino. He has published international works in Journals (31), Books and Chapters (1) and Congresses (26). His works have more than 1546 citations (1442 external citations) with an H_index = 16. The main research topics are focused on: Additive Manufacturing (evaluation of the mechanical and dimensional performance of metallic components obtained by layer-wise techniques, design for AM integrated with economic analysis, application of AM techniques in the medical-dental field, the numerical simulation of AM processes and the evaluation of residual stresses); Numerical simulation (finite element modelling of production processes for the definition of design tools for production); Process-part characterisation (inspection with non-contact and contact technologies, evaluation of the mechanical and dimensional performances of components obtained by additive technologies, also about the stress state of the components); Finishing processing (analysis of conventional and unconventional finishing processes for components obtained by additive manufacturing). For his research activity, Alessandro Salmi received the Best Young Scientist Award at the 4th International Conference on Additive Technologies, iCAT 2012, for the paper "A DoE approach for evaluating the quality of self-supporting faces in DMLS". Participant in more than 10 founded projects, in particular: “MANUELA – Additive Manufacturing Using Metal Pilot Line (H2020-EU. - Technologies for Factories of the Future, duration 48 months, 934.300 € for the RU); “4 ASSI - ASSieme X Innovare”(Piattaforma Tecnologica di “Filiera” – Regione Piemonte, duration 24 months, 982.710 € for the RU); “Mesomorph – All-in-one machine for hybrid technologies enabling high value-added multi-scale integrated micro.optoelectronics” (H2020-EU. - Technologies for Factories of the Future, duration 36 months, 425.000 € for the RU); “4D-HYBRID – Novel ALL-IN-ONE machines, robots and systems for affordable, worldwide and lifetime Distributed 3D hybrid manufacturing and repair operations” (H2020-EU. - Technologies for Factories of the Future, duration 36 months, 715.000 € for the RU), “STAMP – Sviluppo Tecnologico dell’Additive Manufacturing in Piemonte” (Piattaforma tecnologica Fabbrica Intelligente – Regione Piemonte, duration 36 months, 443.000 € for the RU). Main teaching activities in the courses: Additive Manufacturing Systems and materials (6 CFU, English course for Master Degree), Directed energy deposition processes (3 CFU, English course for PhD students); Integrated Manufacturing Systems (6 CFU, English course for Master Degree); Numerical methods for process design (5 CFU, Master Degree); Manufacturing Technology (8 CFU, Master Degree). He held courses in four Specializing Master programs (Manufacturing 4.0, Industrial Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Component Engineering for Powertrain and Techniques and Methods to Generate Complex Shapes) and in Life Learning program (Industrial Academy Program on Manufacturing and Technologies). He is an organizer and teacher for the “Additive Manufacturing: from theory to practice” Summer School (Politecnico di Torino, IT).


Settori ERC

PE8_9 - Production technology, process engineering


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Premi e riconoscimenti

  • Best Young Scientist Award conferito da Organizing commitee of the 4th International Conference on Additive Technologies, Maribor, Slovenia, 19-21 September 2012, Slovenia (2012)


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    Politecnico di TORINO
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