Funds for Research

Politecnico di Torino promotes several actions, with the purpose to seize all the funding opportunities at national and international level for both fundamental and collaborative research. Scientific research is supported by the public funding system (Regions, Ministries, European Union), private (industry and private donors) and philanthropic (foundations and associations) through competitive calls . It is therefore important to boost the capabilities related to the design of research projects as well as the ability to attract highly qualified researchers from the outside.

Several important initiatives have been launched in three areas of intervention:

  1. Actions targeted to attract quality professors and to nurture talents (for example through the Starting grant initiative and "The Talent Research" initiative)
  2. Actions targeted to support fundamental research, in order to foster the participation of the most talented researchers in prestigious projects at national and international level (e.g. through the ERC@polito project)
  3. Actions targeted to support collaborative and multidisciplinary research and to strengthen the network of relations fostering national and international cooperation (e.g. through the H2020@Polito project, Interdisciplinary inter-departmental Labs, Joint projects with excellent international organizations)