Young researchers call for proposals - MSCA information page

Winners of a MSCA Individual grant can submit their new complementary proposal to the “Young Researchers” Call of Italian Ministry of University and Research, to apply for a 3-years research position at POLITO.

Total budget for this category: € 60 million


Researchers who have won a MSCA Individual Fellowships (IF) project and:

  • have completed their MSCA IF projects no more than 48 months after the date of publication of the notice


The maximum grant that may be requested per proposal is 300.000 €.

Researchers will be offered a fixed-term researcher position "RTD-A" (3 years contract). The contract between the researcher and POLITO must be signed by 20 December 2022.

Project proposals must be complementary and consequential with respect to the completed MSCA project and be related to one of the scientific disciplinary macro-sectors of MSCA (see Annex 1B of the Public Notice). The maximum duration of the project is 36 months.

Project proposals must also include the presentation of an ERC research application.


1)      First Step

  • Researchers must submit their applications to POLITO by sending the following documents, completed in .pdf format, to by 28 September h. 12 CEST (new deadline):
  1. New Project Proposal (Annex 5B of the Public Notice)
  2. Economic-Financial Plan (Annex 4B of the Public Notice) – only if the requested contribution is > 200.000€
  3. “First submission” of the project funded by MSCA
  4. Declaration of compliance with DNSH principles (Annex 2B of the Public Notice)
  5. Declaration/Checklist on ethics signed by the applicant (Annex 3B of the Public Notice)
  6. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (maximum length 5 pages)
  7. Evaluation Summary Report of the completed MSCA project (First Submission)
  8. Cover Letter POLITO – completed and signed by the Applicant (download the template here)  
  • POLITO Evaluation Committee will assess the proposals according to evaluation criteria set out in Art. 18 and send the Evaluation Report (Annex 7B of the Public Notice) to the applicants, in time for the Second Step deadline
  • Applicants who have received a positive evaluation must sign a “Preliminary Agreement” with POLITO (Annex 6B of the Public Notice).

2)      Second Step

  • By 25 October 2022 h. 12, the applicant must submit the application to MUR, through the  platform, including all documents and information required by the Public Notice (art. 16) as explained in the Guidelines for Applicants.

The Ministry will proceed with a formal-administrative evaluation of the applications and will publish the ranking list of the eligible applicants.

The Public Notice, Annexes and Guidelines for Applicants are available at the following link:

For support for candidates choosing POLITO has Host Institution you can write to: