Research Ethics Committee

Politecnico di Torino pursues high ethical standards in research with the two-fold objective of protecting the people involved in research activities and fostering scientific quality. Research findings can have an impact on policies and technical decisions both at the level of government agencies and in the private sector. For this reason, it is crucial to conduct research with integrity, responsibility and in compliance with high ethical standards. Promoting an ethical culture at Politecnico means providing information on ethical issues and supporting researchers through the procedures they need to follow to ensure compliance with ethical principles.

Researchers must evaluate the benefits and burdens of their projects and they must consider the impact of research not only on scientific progress, but also on the protection of human dignity and the consequent social and cultural impact of their findings. Research funding agencies and in some cases even publishers require researchers to demonstrate that their research reflects ethical values and protects fundamental rights.

Politecnico di Torino has appointed a Research Ethics Committee with Rector's decree no. 1012 of 26.11.2020. This Committee seeks to foster an ethical culture in research and provides evaluation and advice in multiple areas of research PDF.

The Regulations of the Research Ethics Committee PDF define its tasks, composition and working methods.

The main task of the Research Ethics Committee of Politecnico di Torino is to provide evaluation, advice and review in multiple areas of research PDF.

The Research Ethics Committee is not responsible for evaluations conducted by other ethics committees or bodies entitled by law to express themselves on interventional studies such as for example clinical trials of medicines or surgical techniques.

The guiding principles of the Ethics Committee are independence, competence and interdisciplinarity. It is composed of 5 incumbent members and 5 substitute members who may consult other experts on specific issues.

The Research Support Department helps researchers involved in competitive research calls to understand the ethical requirements, rules and evaluation procedures of national and international funding agencies.

To contact the Research Support Department write to

How to request an ethics opinion

Researchers who want to request an ethics opinion to the Research Ethics Committee must fill in the documents listed below and send them to

Only the requests received at the above-mentioned email address at least 20 working days prior to the date set for the meetings will be taken into consideration during the Committee's meetings; requests received later will be postponed to the following meetings.

The Ethics Committee normally provides its opinion within 45 days from the date of receipt of the application.

Required documents

Request forms

For support in drafting the documents you may be asked to attach you can consult:

  • for research projects involving human subjects with potential risks of dual use or misuse: Data Management Plan (see dedicated area and specific tool);
  • for research projects involving human subjects it is possible to contact the data protection officer of the University at the following emails:; and examine the documentation .

    Please note that these templates simply provide guidance for the preparation of the required documents. They must be adapted to each specific project. It is necessary to submit two separate information sheets and two separate consent forms, dealing respectively with the participation of human beings in the project and with the processing of personal data.

  • for the "Data Protection Impact Assessment, based on the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679", when necessary; when Politecnico staff is involved it is mandatory to consult the data protection officer at