In June 2017 Politecnico di Torino and the Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) set up a joint lab physically located in both institutions. The project is based on an ambitious integrated programme in the field of education, research and exploitation of research results for the benefit of the socio-economic fabric of the local communities where the two institutions are based.
The Torino-Kyoto cooperation will focus on New Materials and Biotechnology, Architecture, Design, and Territory-Urban Design.

The joint activities could include:

  • exchange programmes for students and PhD candidates (for courses or internships),
  • joint educational activities such as Summer Schools,
  • joint participation to calls and development of joint projects focused on topics included in the agreement;
  • sharing of research results through seminars, conferences and workshops, in order to make a positive economic and social impact on the local communities, both in Italy and in Japan.

Prof. Laura Montanaro is the project coordinator.