Memorandum of Understanding, Student Mobility Agreements (not Erasmus+), Double Degree Agreements or Joint Paths

Agreement proposals can be submitted by the teaching staff of Politecnico or by foreign Universities. In both cases, it is necessary that a Politecnico faculty member undertakes to advance the conclusion of the agreement.

The International Relations Office negotiates and defines the contents of the agreement with the foreign University; at the same time it facilitates its approval process within Politecnico.

The faculty member who intends to propose a new agreement must contact the International Relations Office and fill out a form (Agreement Proposal Sheet) for approval by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs (in case of Memorandum of Understanding) or by the Vice-Rectors for International Affairs and for Education (in case of Student Mobility Agreement and Double Degree Agreement).

The Agreement Proposal Sheet for a Memorandum of Understanding is submitted to the approval of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs and managed by the International Relations Office, which negotiates and defines the contents of the agreement with the foreign University.

Proposals for Student Mobility Agreements and Double Degree Agreements are previously examined by the International Relations Office and later sent to the relevant Collegio and Department. These will decide if they are interested and will officially approve the proposals.

In the event that the agreement proposals for student exchanges, double degrees or other kinds of international programmes are not compliant with the rules set forth by the University standards (cfr. Annexes to the Regulations for Conventions and Contracts, templates for student exchange and double degree agreements), the approval of the Board of Governors is required.

Afterwards the International Relations Office prepares a draft agreement which will be submitted to the partner University. The partner University is entitled to propose further amendments until the Parties reach and sign a final agreement which meets the administrative and academic requirements of all Parties.