Politong is the way to combine Polito excellence in education with the exciting experience of spending one year in Shanghai at the prestigious Tongji University (#11 in China , #101-150 World Engineering / Technology, ARWU rankings, #37 World for Civil Engineering, QS rankings), starting from Bachelor's level.

At present there are two Bachelor's degree programmes (MPE - Mechanical & Production Engineering and ICT - Information & Communication Technology) and one Master's degree programme (Systemic Design).

Students can earn a Bachelor's degree from Tongji University in addition to the Bachelor's degree awarded by Polito, if they attend an extra semester at Tongji University in Shanghai.

After graduation, students can continue their studies going for a Master's degree programme in Europe or in China. Alternatively, they can choose to directly enter the job market having gained a valuable international experience in China, a kind of asset which is regarded as particularly important by the industrial sector today.