Welfare services


Under Life@Polito concept, various actions are promoted such as: benefits in insurance and health policies, initiatives in the cultural field (co-financing of the subscription for the Turin and Piedmont Museums for Politecnico employees with convenient offers also for their families), assistance to employees who become parents (Policino micro-nursery for the sons and daughters of employees, male and female students and baby sitting service at home in support of staff) and in transport and sustainable mobility.

Attention on working well-being is combined with the focus on sustainability by offering car sharing services at reduced prices and even a total discount for the purchase of an annual public transport pass for the journey home / work.

There are also several services which are dedicated to student population: through a package of initiatives for mobility and culture, students can benefit from lower prices in purchasing travel tickets, bike sharing services and the Museums Subscription, as you can read in details on the dedicated teaching portal.