Basic information

The following is basic information about Spazio di Ascolto Service: a listening and psychological support service, provided by the Department of Psychology of the Università degli Studi di Torino, which can be accessed by the entire community of Politecnico di Torino.

What it is

A psychological consultation in a non-clinical intervention context, encouraging - in many cases for the first time - to seek help even on extra-academic issues

What it does

An initial interview in order to analyze the demand, deepen the reasons for the request for consultation and orient towards the most appropriate form of treatment with respect to the request. The offer includes up to five individual meetings oriented to support, develop resources and identify difficulties and critical issues related to adaptation to university life.

What it does NOT

Does not address issues related to college orientation, emergency situations (112), or requiring psychiatric treatment (Health Service).

Main situations for which to request an interview

All those situations that can be addressed through the activation of psychological resources and appropriate coping strategies such as:

-        problems related to the study and learning process;

-        difficulties in managing situations of stress and emotional overload; and

-        difficulties in interpersonal relationships and integration problems;

-        Relational and emotional problems (including difficulties related to distance from one's family);

-        Motivational and self-esteem problems;

-        Concerns about health and lifestyle.

To whom is it addressed?


To the entire Politecnico di Torino community

Procedures and professional figures

The interviews that are made available (5, usually 15 days apart) are held by psychologists and psychologists, specializing in psychotherapy from the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin.

To access the listening space service it is necessary to fill in the form at the following link indicating your cell phone number and your institutional e-mail address of the University. In the following days - based on requests, waiting times may be longer, otherwise after a few days - people will receive a message on their cell phone indicating the time and day of the first telephone interview with a psychologist.

Following this first interview, people will be assigned to a psychologist on the basis of availability and the problems highlighted during the phone interview. The 5 interview cycle is held online on Webex or Skype. Other platforms may be used in agreement with the psychologist with whom contact is made. In case of doubts or to monitor waiting times, you can write to the email adress:

It is always necessary to verify the correctness of the data entered in the form and regularly check messages and e-mails: given the many requests, it is not possible to call back more than once and the appointment is cancelled 48 hours after sending the e-mail.