Inclusive events guidelines

Politecnico di Torino considers equal opportunity and inclusion to be founding values of the community and is committed to promoting them in every aspect of the University's life, including scientific and/or popular events organized and/or sponsored by the University.

For this reason, it incorporates and extends the guidelines available to date at the national level in order to ensure gender balance and enhance diversity in the academic community. These Guidelines for Gender Balance and Diversity in Events are addressed to the structures and individuals involved in the organization and promotion of the above-mentioned scientific and/or popular events, in order to direct them to respect gender balance and diversity.

Gender balance means the indicative representation for each gender between 40% and 60% - in any case, the least represented gender should not be less than 30%. By diversity, we mean the inclusion in interventions and/or event organization of people with different cultural, professional, and backgrounds, whether identity, social, geographic, ethnic, or other.