Politecnico di Torino for women's rights in Iran

Politecnico di Torino stands beside the women and men in Iran who are courageously protesting against the violation of fundamental human rights and suffering violent repression, which is also severely affecting university campuses.

Further to the message of solidarity expressed by the Network of Italian Universities for Peace towards Iranian female students enrolled in our universities and towards those who are demonstrating in Iran these days, Politecnico joins the many voices which are rising up to support the protests and to condemn the oppression of Iranian women systematically pursued by the "Moral Police", the killing of Masha Amini and Hadis Najafi, the blocking of the Internet access, and the repression of demonstrations that has resulted in hundreds of deaths and arrests.

Freedom, justice and respect for diversity are the cornerstones of our community. We express our full solidarity with those who are now fighting in Iran, even at the cost of their own lives, to defend these values.

CRUI endorses SAR Italy’s statement on Iran

Together with the international academic community, the Italian section of Scholars at Risk (SAR Italy), is deeply concerned by the current violations of the human rights of students and staff at Iranian universities, higher education institutions and secondary schools.
The demonstrations against the regime started after 22 years old Mahsa (Jhina) Amini was detained by the Iranian moral police over an alleged violation of Iran’s restrictive hijab laws, and later died in custody on September 16. Iranians across the country have taken to the streets to express their anger over the lack of human rights, with the slogan, “Woman, Life, Freedom”. Thousands of Iranians have joined peaceful protests voicing their basic demands for reforms. It has been reported that Iranian state security forces have responded by opening fire on unarmed protestors, killing dozens and arresting hundreds more across the country.