Work-life balance

Bambini baby parking

The CUG aims to promote the indications included in the HORIZON 2020 Strategic Plan in terms of quality of life and work-life balance, i.e., to make the Politecnico a privileged place of attraction for researchers and students from all over the world, guaranteeing an engaging and positive environment, where everyone’s talent can express itself and find due recognition.

To this end, projects are being supported and developed to improve and expand the services that support work: the initiatives already in place on the promotion of safety, health and well-being, training and awareness, equal opportunities, support for parents and families, tax assistance and cultural, recreational and physical well-being services, will be reviewed in an integrated vision that favours the association of these actions with the overall framework of the sustainability culture promoted by the University.

The currently available services are the following.

Policino Micro-crèche (Micronido)

As of September 2013, the company crèche (Micronido) service was implemented for the children of employees (technical-administrative, library and technology staff, lecturers and researchers), research fellows, PhD students and students of the Politecnico di Torino, in order to more fully respond to work-life balance needs.

The Micro-crèche has a capacity of 20 children aged between 12 months and 36 months (maximum 20 children at a time)

After the crèche’s closing hours (from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and on days when the municipal crèches are not open due to holidays, the facility will operate as a baby parking facility (except on national and city holidays and periods when the University is closed).

Baby parking at Policino

Since September 2013, connected with the start-up of the Micronido service at the Policino premises, the baby parking service has been reconfigured to comply with the limitations imposed by municipal regulations, which do not allow the simultaneous operation of a crèche and baby parking on the same premises.

Home babysitting

The home babysitting service aims to offer support, at a private home and during working hours, to families living in Turin and its province, with children aged between 0 and 11.

The service is on demand and can be requested via a booking system accessible from MyPoli.

For questions related to the operational use of the service, please write to (only if there are further doubts other than what is already in the PoliWiki FAQs and regulations).

Home care

In order to facilitate the work/life balance, this service offers support to Politecnico staff who are facing challenging situations related to the care and assistance of elderly or disabled family members.

The service can also be provided for Politecnico staff who are temporarily in a situation of partial non-self-sufficiency or in critical personal health situations.