Specialist tracks

In designing the curricula of both pathways, we have taken special care to include innovative courses such as cryptography, reduced-order modeling, mathematics for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and biomathematics.


Mathematical models and numerical simulations

You will acquire the ability to understand an engineering problem, to formalize it using appropriate mathematical models, studying it both from a theoretical and analytical point of view and a numerical point of view.


Statistics and optimization on data and networks

You will learn advanced statistical and optimization methods for data processing, to correctly apply inductive inference methods in the presence of sparse or abundant data (big data) on different structures, i.e. networks, and to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.


Other paths

In the following links, you will find some suggested career plans for declining major pathways according to your interests and aptitudes.
Please note: each cohort (i.e., each matriculation year) has a dedicated proposal.