The Equality, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Committee

In July 2014, through the Rector Decree n.349 of July 29 2014, Politecnico established its CUG (Comitato Unico di Garanzia, "Equality, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Committee"), a body which supports and promotes equal opportunities among all members of the University community, professors, technical and administrative staff, research fellows, students.

CUG aims to prevent and protect every worker/student against all forms of discrimination, in particular those related to gender, age, sexual and political orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, language and violence, either moral or psychological. It is also characterized by proactive, consultative and verification tasks and supports the Institution, the Governing Bodies and the administrative structures in the policies aimed to improve the overall quality of life of our Institution, as well as the conciliation between life times and working time. CUG's activities are ruled through the so-called "Regolamento di funzionamento" approved through the Rector Decree n. 203 of May 7 2015.

President and members of the The Equality, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Committee
Photo COSCIA CRISTINA Presidente
Photo ANDREOTTI SIMONETTA Componente effettivo
Photo ANGELILLO MARIA GRAZIA Componente effettivo
Photo BORGIATTINO BARBARA Componente effettivo
Photo CERQUITELLI TANIA Componente effettivo
Photo CIANNI TIZIANA Componente effettivo
Photo FERRARI GIULIANA Componente effettivo
Photo MACCARIO FRANCESCA Componente effettivo
Photo MONNI DAVIDE MASSIMO Componente effettivo
Photo PAPPANI LUCIA Componente effettivo
Photo VACCANEO MARGHERITA Componente effettivo
Photo VIGLIANI PAOLA Componente effettivo
Photo BENENTE MICHELA Componente supplente
Photo BONGIOVANNI MARGHERITA Componente supplente
Photo COMAI SERGIO Componente supplente
Photo CUNEO CRISTINA Componente supplente
Photo D'ANTUONO MARIA ANNA Componente supplente
Photo GRAZIANI LUCA ANTONIO Componente supplente
Photo LAI PATRIZIA Componente supplente
Photo LEPRONI LUCA Componente supplente
Photo RIENZI ROSALBA Componente supplente