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The present Valentino palace of the Savoy dynasty derives from various projectural phases which began in the mid-1500s. After a complex series of changes of owners, it was given by Duke Carlo Emanuele I to his daughter-in-law, young Cristina di Francia - who, in 1621, commissioned radical structural changes to the riverside residence, in conformity with the French "pavillon-système" (a project by Carlo di Castellamonte, from 1621 to1641).

This resulted in the definition of the towers on the river side, the wings, the roofs "in the French style". The anterior towers and the original connecting wings are the work of Amadeo di Castellamonte (from 1641).

The completion of the project is testified to in the two incisions of the Theatrum Sabaudiae in 1682. In the 1700s, the palace had already lost its significance as a noble "country" residence. Reconstruction and amplification of the connecting wings was undertaken in order to host the Industrial Exposition of 1858; then in 1859 the building was ceded to the "Regia Scuola di Applicazione per gli Ingegneri" and is now property of the Politecnico.

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